IT, media, and telecommunications of Europe as a whole

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For an ISP in the Netherlands, Controversy Is an Old Friend
By Bruno Giussani, The New York Times/Cybertimes, 29 April 1997. The German government attempts to censor XS4ALL (access-for-all), an ISP in the Netherlands.
New computer virus on the prowl
By Hasan Suroor, The Hindu, Wednesday 25 July 2001. There is a new computer virus on the prowl and it has been playing hell with people's privacy across Europe. Like the dreaded Love Bug, which caused such havoc with computer systems around the world, this also comes with an e-mail attachment and once the genie is out of the bottle there is no protection against it.
Open source software can be a double-edged sword
By Ahmed ElAmin, The Royal Gazette, 5 May 2004. The European Commission, that oft maligned administrative arm of the European Union, has published a handy guide for computer system administrators who are considering whether to migrate operations to open source software (OSS).
Europe's internet domain finally gets green light
By Robin O'Brien Lynch, The Irish Times, Friday 1 April 2005. Six years after it was first proposed, a top-level internet domain, .eu, for all of Europe has finally got the green light.