The social history of the European Union (EU)

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A social clause for the GSP?
By Natacha David, ICFTU Online..., 11 June 1997. Anxious to speed things up, the European Commission has made public a document on the new Social Clause, or incentive clause as it calls it. The unions supoprt this step, but wan't to be sure that this Social Clause is accompanied by effective application mechanisms.
Compromise ends bickering between France, Germany: Unemployment problem gains recognition at EU summit
By Madelaine Drohan, The Globe and Mail, Tuesday 17 June 1997. France declared victory yesterday in its battle with Germany over joblessness, securing a promise that European Union leaders would pay more attention to the problem, starting with a special jobs summit later this year.
Will Monetary Europe be followed by Social Europe?
By Jacky DeLorme, ICFTU Online..., 6 January 1999. For all those in favour of the economic integration of the European Union, the introduction of the euro marks a historic step forward. Certain social targets will again have to be delayed. Trade union organisations refuse to accept this.
EU's Ailing Arrivals From the East
By Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post, Thursday 14 August 2003. Under EU rules, licensed medical practitioners will have the right to work anywhere in the union—but that might lead to a drain of health care professionals from the East. Patients theoretically will also have the right to move anywhere within the EU for treatment and have their national insurance system pick up the cost, but that right is now generally limited to emergency cases, usually if someone becomes ill while traveling.