The IT, media, and telecommunications of the EU

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EU condemned over planned ‘snoop laws’
By Mark Ward, BBC News Online, Wednesday 16 May 2001. Proposals are being put forward to the European Union to make communications companies keep records of all phone calls, e-mails, faxes and net use for seven years, just in case police forces need to search them during criminal investigations.
Terrorism, racism force EU to store email data for a year
By Richard Norton-Taylor & Stuart Millar, Dawn, Thursday 22 August 2002. Records of personal communications, including all emails and telephone calls, will be stored for at least a year under a proposal to be decided by EU governments next month. The move could lead to a further extension in the powers of European security and intelligence agencies, allowing them to see the contents of emails and intercepted calls and faxes.
Internet censorship coming to a computer near EU
By A. E. Huggett, American Daily, 27 November 2003. International socialism, as evidenced by the unelected bureaucrats of the EU is using the pornography excuse along with race hate and religious intolerance to censor and control what's on the Internet.
EU Rejects Controversial Software Patents Proposal
By Matthew Broersma, eWeek, 6 July 2005. The European Parliament on Wednesday morning put the final nail in the coffin of the European Union's controversial IT patenting proposal, voting overwhelmingly to reject the proposed directive. As originally drafted, the law would have put a relatively permissive system into place, which critics said would legitimize software and business-practice patents.