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Danish workers bargain for sixth week of vacation

32 Hours news service, 17 Februrary 2000

Bargaining between the Confederation of Danish Industries and the Central Organization of Industrial Employees in Denmark concluded in late January, nearly 3 weeks ahead of the deadline. The highlight of the deal is an additional 5 days of paid vacation, bringing the total entitlement for industrial workers up to six weeks. Workers who do not take the five additional days, which can be taken all in a lump or individually, will receive wages in lieu. Workers also gained additional occupational pension contributions. Meanwhile, the term of the agreement was extended to four years (they are typically two year deals) providing employers with some much sought-after stability. The agreement also creates more flexibility in negotiating working conditions and wages at a decentralized, local level.

The choice between wages and free time means that work time reduction is only a possibility, rather than a done deal. A similar choice between wages, time off, or increased pension contributions was offered to Swedish paper workers in 1998. A follow-up study showed that the most popular selection (at about 39%) was the additional free time.

Details of the Danish Stability Pact are available at