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[Sinn Fein has decided to launch a new protest]

By Phelim McAleer, Irish News, 8 July 1997

SF to mobilise supporters in ‘militant’ protests

SINN FEIN has decided to launch a new militant campaign in protest over the government's decision to allow the Drumcree parade to pass down the Garvaghy road.

Supporters will block motorways and occupy buildings in protests which will mimic the loyalist reaction to the parade being blocked last year.

Loyalists almost brought Northern Ireland to a standstill last year with the roadblocks which cut off many roads including access to ports and airports.

The strategy was announced at what was described as a public meeting in Belfast's Conway Street Mill last night.

The meeting, which was attended by up to 500 people, was addressed by Sinn Fein councillor Alex Maskey.

Despite being announced as a public meeting the day before, the media were barred from attending.

Also on the platform beside Mr Maskey was Sinn Fein councillor Christine McAuley and Sinn Fein Forum representative Gerry Kelly.

Mr Maskey told the crowd that the meeting was being held to hear suggestions, particularly from young people about how they could have a more militant campaign against the British government.

He told the crowd that there was not one person in the room who had not taken part in hijacking, burning and rioting over the years.

He said the new strategy was designed to give those who wanted to protest more to do than simply march from A to B.

It is very important that every time we protest we bring out more and more people on the streets and this is not about burning cars in Andersonstown or Ardoyne, he said.

We want to bring people out in larger numbers than ever before, that's our task. This meeting is for people to come up with ideas that show militancy, he said.