ADtranz workers take to the streets again

International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF), 31 January 2000

European Works Council president warns against the playing of one plant location against another.

SWITZERLAND: Approximately 2,000 people marched in the Swiss capital of Bern last week as they continue their campaign against the ADtranz decision to shut down its Von Roll railway car production in Switzerland as of Spring 2001. 750 workers at two plants, in Pratteln and Oerlikon, will be affected by closures.

This was the third national demonstration to take place since mid-November, when ADtranz officially announced its decision from its headquarters in Berlin. Hundreds of women from all over Switzerland not only participated in the march but apparently organised the event, making clear that they were not going to just stand by and watch without any resistance to the closures.

The president of the ADtranz European Works Council confirmed the Council's opposition to the company's decision, saying it was a terrible blow. He said that ADtranz plants in Portugal, Norway, Germany and the USA would be affected by the plant closures in Switzerland and warned against the playing of one plant location against another.