The contemporary political history of Western Europe as a whole

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‘Hess’ actitivies in Sweden and Denmark
A—Infos News Service, 19 August 1999. August 17th is the day many Scandinavian nazis commemorate the death of Rudolf Hess. In the past few years, attempts of nazis to hold Hess commemorations in Sweden and Denmark have resulted in massive anti-fascist mobilisation. This year, because of conflicts within their movement, Scandinavian nazis were unable to organise one, single co-ordinated event.
London, Rome, Madrid: Half-Million Protesters
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 10 October 2002. The worldwide movement to stop U.S.-British aggression against Iraq took a leap forward over the Sept. 28–29 weekend with massive demonstrations totaling half a million people in London, Rome and Madrid.
Not Just in France: Unrest Spreads to Belgium and Germany
Prensa Latina (Havana), 9 November 2005. Youths have set fire to vehicles in several cities in Belgium and Germany since the weekend, in what appears to be an imitation of violence in France.