The contemporary political history of the Kingdom of Belgium

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2,500 Belgian truckers, taxis protest fuel prices
Reuters, 10 September 2000. Up to 2,500 trucks, buses and taxis converged on Brussels on Sunday, joining a wave of protests across Europe against rising fuel costs and demanding tax relief.
Court ruling puts future of Belgian far-right party in doubt
The International Herald Tribune, 23 April 2004. A court ruling branding a Belgian far-right party as racist and imposing fines on key supporters has dealt a damaging blow to one of Europe's main ultranationalist forces.
City to pay woman's fine for breach of Burka Ban
Expatica, 25 August 2005. Police booked a young woman of Moroccan origin three weeks ago for wearing the all-concealing Islamic veil. The woman will now be required to pay a EUR 125 fine. Ironically, the city will probably end up paying the fine because the woman is receiving social security payments from the OCMW benefits office. Second item: Schools win green light for headscarf ban.
Belgium hit by general strike over government reforms
Expatica, 7 October 2005. Tensions rose in Belgium on Friday as the country faced its first general strike in 12 years. The industrial action was backed only by the socialist union ABVV, with the Christian union ACV and the Liberal ACLVB continuing to support the diplomatic route.