The contemporary political history of the Kingdom of Denmark

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Danish strike-leaders jailed; Convicted of wanton destruction of property
By Anders Fenger, Daily Worker, 12 December 1997. Conviction of leaders in 1995 bus strike reflect effort to criminalize labor struggle.
Day Of Action On May 1st In Copenhagen
Arm the Spirit, 6 May 2000. As part of the global day of action against capitalism, 1,000 activists in Copenhagen demonstrated against the neo-liberal exploitation of the majority of the world's population. The demonstration was organized by various anti-capitalist groups: anarchists, anti-fascists, autonomists, feminists, libertarian communists, etc.
Anti-immigration party set to win Danish election
By Stephen Castle in Brussels and Ben Holst in Copenhagen, Independent (UK), 8 February 2005. Denmark's centre-right government seems set for a narrow election victory today, as it promises more tough anti-immigration measures and tax cuts while pledging to defend the country's welfare state.