The general strike of 27 April–11 May, 1998

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On Monday the 27th at 6:00 AM Denmark is going on strike
By Martin Johansen, International Socialists, 25 April 1998. This will be the biggest *official* strike ever involving 400,000+ workers in building, industry and transport. This means that around 10 percent of the total population will be on strike with more to follow, if the strike evolves.
500.000 in conflict at the private labour market in Denmmark
By Anders Lange and Katrine Toft Mikkelsen, on behalf of Sociastisk Arbejderparti, 28 April 1998. Most of the private labour market in Denmark on Monday the 27th of April got thrown into the biggest conflict since the big strikes in 1985. The majority of the workers voted No to the results of the negotiations between employers and the trade unions and set aside the leaders of most trade unions in industrial, transport and construction sectors.
Danes gloomy as strike effects spread
By Michael McAleer, The Irish Times, Saturday 2 May 1998. As workers gathered yesterday to mark Labour Day, the effects of the strike—over pay and holiday entitlements—were worsening. Shortages in hospital care, foot and gas. Many surprised that as we approach the 21st century, industrial action could have such a devastating effect on a developed society like Denmark.
‘We can run the country without employers’
By Norm Dixon, 19 May 1998. The Danish parliament voted on May 7 to impose a settlement to bring the country's private sector general strike, which began on April 27, to an end. Social Democrat prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said the strike for a shorter working week in the form of an extra week's paid holiday had become irresponsible.
Danish strike ends
By Martin Johansen, 11 May 1998. The Danish Parliament intervened in the strike on Thursday by pushing through a law which gives the workers some small concessions and the employers bigger concessions. The strike is hereby officially ended and any further strikes will be punished with fines.