The social history of the Kingdom of Denmark

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Rightist Assaults On Immigrants In Denmark Mark Class Polarization
By George White, Militant, 15 June 1998. In the Folehaven district in the south of Copenhagen, ultrarightist attacks against immigrants have escalated. These attacks register the polarization that has sharpened in Denmark as class tensions heat up in the wake of a two-week general strike of 500,000 workers that shut down much of the country.
Hippies in Denmark May Be Evicted
AP, Thursday 11 December 2003. The residents of Copenhagen's famed hippie enclave can be evicted because the Danish state gave them the right to borrow the land—not rent it—in 1989, government lawyers said.
Copenhagen's Hippie Haven: Visiting Christiania
ABC News, 11 Octoer 2004. Denmark's conservative government is gunning for Copenhagen's counterculture Christiania neighborhood. But as history has shown, the challenge may just make that hippie haven a bit stronger.