The contemporary political history of the Republic of Finland

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Demonstration news from Finland
By Miikka Pyykkonen, A-Infos News Service, 11 December 1997. Brief report of anarcho-syndicalist Solidaarisuus organization's demos for social justice.
Welfare State Reaches Turning Point
By Juhani Artto, Trade Union News from Finland, 26 March 1998. Intense debate about the welfare state's future is now under way in Finland. No common vision. Modern society is a system where every aspect affects all other aspects, and where even slight shifts can result in major changes.
Finns highly sceptical of competitive tendering in public services
Trade Union News, 25 July 2000. As the practice of competitive tendering [privatization] for public services has increased, experience of its mixed results have made a large majority of Finns doubt the wisdom of such arrangements.
National Coalition Party challenges excessive power of Social Democrats
Helsingin Sanomat, 6 October 2003. National Coalition Party chairman Ville Itšlš said that the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) has far too much influence in Finland's consensus society, and that the SDP enjoys political hegemony in Finland.