The economic history of the Republic of Finland

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Latter half of the 1990s in Finland: Accelerated globalisation of the economy
Trade Union News from Finland, 14 June 2000. Last year multinationals based in Finland employed more than 200,000 people in other countries. This is about the same number of employees as the subsidiaries of foreign multinationals have in Finland and three times more than just five years ago.
Grey economy causes annual tax revenue losses of EUR 2.5 billion
By Erkki Laukkanen, Trade Union News, 19 January 2003. State Auditors' report on State finances in 2001 includes an estimate that about EUR 5 billion circulates annually in the grey economy in Finland. The corresponding loss in tax revenues is approximately EUR 2.5 billion. This makes the grey economy a significant threat to the welfare state.
Where do the profits of Finnish corporations disappear to?
By Anna Karismo, Helsingin Sanomat, Tuesday 21 September 2004. Earnings are often spent on dividends and foreign investments, and wage discipline has not succeeded in creating new jobs. Wage discipline is the key in the coming centralised income talks.