The working-class history of Finland

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Harder to cope with current work load, say 87 per cent of Finns
Trade Union News from Finland, 7 December 1998. In Finland a huge majority, i.e. 87%, is of the opinion that difficulties in coping with workloads, and even burn out, currently constitute a major problem at work.
Four service industry unions merge into PAM
Trade Union News from Finland, 28–29 November 2000. The new service industry union PAM will have over 200,000 members. The 260 employees and hundreds of members in the administrative organs of the four unions have conducted several joint seminars to purge groundless fears and prejudices and to smooth the merger of different working cultures and traditions.
Legal foreign labour force in Finland doubles in two years
Trade Union News, 24 May 2002. Construction and engineering industry has difficulties in finding appropriate employees on the domestic labour market, especially in southern Finland. In the summer months commercial farms also employ foreign labour, mainly for strawberry picking.
Part-time work has become more common
Trade Union News from Finland, 4 September 2003. The proportion of part-time workers has slowly increased in Finland. Among women part-time work is more common in the private sector than in the public sector. One fifth of private sector female employees work part-time.