The social history of the Republic of Finland

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Finland Confronts Challenge to Overcome Racism
By Katja Heinonen, Reuters, Saturday 11 November 2000. Television footage of Finnish and Somali youths fighting in a Helsinki suburb has confronted Finns with what it is like to be a foreigner living in their country.
Party of uninvited guests
A short summary by Antti R. from the Finnish indymedia site, 9 December 2001. Sixth party of the uninvited guests, organised in Helsinki, Finland against independence day banquet held in president's palace became probably the first time since the general strike of 1956 when mounted police attacked a demonstration in Finland.
Faduma Dayib will not abandon her own culture
Trade Union News from Finland, 21 August 2003. The size and character of Finland's mmigrant population has now reached the point at which it has become possible to draw conconclusions. Despite various well-meaning efforts to improve the status of immigrant labour over the last few years, the situation is generally poor.