The retrospective history of France

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[Nazi regime of terror]
The Militant, 19 May 1945. After the conquest of France, the Nazis imposed a regime of terror on the French people. But for the British and American banks in France, the Nazis had only kind words and more important kind deeds. Each proved helpful to each other.
Review of Richard Golsan, ed., Memory, the Holocaust, and French Justice: The Bousquet and Touvier Affairs
By Stevn Zdatney, West Virginia University, H-France list, January 1998. It may be that the famous Vichy Syndrome is about to be resolved. A few years ago the President of the Republic acknowledged the complicity of the French state in the Holocaust. The difficulty the French have had in settling accounts with the past.
The French left in the Fourth Republic
By Serge Halimi, Le Monde diplomatique, March 1997. The Malagasy uprising, which started with the massacre of around 100 French settlers, broke out during the night of 29 March 1947. But when the tripartite government coalition (PC-SFIO-MRP) broke up five weeks later on 5 May 1947, it was because of state-owned Renault and its workers, not because of Madagascar.
France Faces Its Demons For Algerian War Brutality
By Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post, Thursday 10 May 2001. France is re-examining a painful chapter of its own recent past, the Algerian war for independence from 1954 to 1962. The old demons were unleashed by the unvarnished memoirs of an aging general who admits taking part in torture and summary executions during France's long, losing battle to keep Algeria.
Paris 1968: 30 years ago: When France rebelled
By Dermot Sreenan, A-Infos News Service, [5 May 1968]. 25 years ago France was on the verge of a total revolt with 12 million workers on strike, 122 factories occupied, and students fighting against the old moribund system in which they found themselves. [An anarchist, anti-communist perspective.]
France haunted by Rwanda genocide
By Julian Nundy, The Telegraph, 14 April 1998. The massacre of Tutsis by Hutu forces in Rwanda in 1994 has come back to haunt France, as the people begin to learn that their country may have had some responsibility for the killings that the United Nations has since officially classified as genocide.