The economic history of the French Republic

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French small farmers head for extinction
By John Lichfield, The Independent (UK), [10 October 1999]. The French government, some French farmers and, up to a point, the French press have presented a fight between, on the one hand, traditional farming values and new BSE-awakened consumer anxieties, and, on the other hand, more intensive, more industrial, high-productivity-driven forms of agriculture.
The New French Revolution
By Anne Swardson, Washington Post, Monday 31 July 2000. Propelled by political leaders and economic globalization, the country is transforming itself from a centralized, parochial, government-loving society with a distaste for wealth to a dynamic, entrepreneurial nation fond of stock options and startups.
The French miracle: A shorter week, more jobs and men doing the ironing
By John Lichfield, [The Independent], 19 June 2001. Official study finds that France's 35-hour week has boosted the economy and proved a hit with both employees and their bosses.
Elf Executives Jailed Over Fueling Corruption in Africa
Vanguard (Lagos), 18 November 2003. France's mammoth Elf corruption case, probably the biggest political and corporate sleaze scandal to hit a western democracy since World War II, closed last Wednesday as three key former executives of the oil giant were jailed for up to five years over corrupt practices in Africa.