The social history of the French Republic

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Abused and neglected children
FRA, 19 September 1996. The French newspaper Le Monde published on Wendesday the results of a study of the National Observatory of Decentralized Social Intervention (Observatoire National de l'Action Sociale Décentralisée—ODAS) on maltreated children in France.
Unemployed actions and occupations
Marches europeennes contre le chomage, [31 December 1997]. Throughout December, actions have escalated by the jobless and the socially excluded in France. This has been due to a combination of mobilisations. The overall theme was the fight against social inequalities, particularly pertinent at the onset of winter.
Fearful French See Crime on the Rise
By Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post, Tuesday 21 August 2001. A general feeling that this country, which prides itself on civility and culture, has become a more violent and dangerous place. The statistics bear out the concern.
In a France of Rural Identities: ‘I don't question my children's Jewishness’
By Sylvie Braibant and Dominique Vidal, Le Monde diplomatique, August 2002. Which aspects of Judaism will be passed on to their children was a question that affected all those whom we interviewed, who spent more time at political meetings than in synagogues.
Price to pay for ‘island of privilege’: fenced off in France
By Hacène Belmssous, Le Monde diplomatique, November 2002. A new segregation of the urban landscape, through the building of American-style gated communities which sells the haves security against the have-nots, creating us-and-them cities. We visited one such gated community in the boom city of Toulouse