The IT, media, and telecommunications of the French Republic

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Far right joins media harassment campaign: Self-censorship in France
By Dominique Vidal, Le Monde diplomatique, December 2002. Can you criticise Israel's policy towards the Palestinians without being accused of antisemitism? Can you even report from Israel with honesty? French journalists are beginning to ask these questions after a sustained and organised campaign of harassment against the media.
The crisis at Le Monde: the inside story
By Doug Ireland, ILCA Online, 24 November 2004. Le Monde—once considered France's pre-eminent daily, its newspaper of reference, a must-read in every European capital, and one of the planet's most prestigious publications—is in the throes of a profound crisis.
France Plans to Digitize Its ‘Cultural Patrimony’ and Defy Google's ‘Domination’
By Aisha Labi, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 21 March 2005. President Jacques Chirac of France has asked the head of the country's national library and the minister of culture and communication to plan a French-led project that would make millions of European literary works accessible on the Internet.