The contemporary political history of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Germany challenges results WW II
The Guardian (Australia), 3 April 1996. Chancellor Kohl rejects Potsdam and espouses cause of Sudeten Germans formerly in Czechoslovakia.
Again Germany Is On The Wrong Side In The Fight Against Fascism
Statement Of The Turkey Committee, Amsterdam, 6 May 1996. Germany's support of fascist Turkey versus Kurd and Turk activists.
Bonn Fails to Pass Austerity Budget
By Carl-Erik Isacsson, Militant, 19 August 1996. The lower house of Germany's parliament (Bundestag), voted for major cuts in social programs on July 10 and 11, but less than two weeks later, the upper house of parliament rejected the plan.
250,000 Protest Austerity In Germany
By Carl-Erik Isaacsson, Militant, 23 September 1996. Trade unions protest the austerity package to be voted on in the Bundestag on 13 September.
Bonn Continues Attacks On Immigrants
By Carl-Erik Isacsson, Militant, 10 February 1997/ The Christian Social Union (CSU), the sister party and coalition partner of German chancellor Helmut Kohl's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), are waging a campaign to blame immigrants for the high unemployment in Germany.
Nazis Mobilize For May Day In Leipzig
From Arm the Spirit, 16 April 1997. Fear that the planned demo by the neo-Nazi youth wing of the far right NPD marks beginning of new wave of fascist attacks on immigrants and leftists.
German Supreme Court Criminalizes Pro-Kurdish Publications
Arm the Spirit, 16 April 1997.
Failed by the system—police ill-treatment of foreigners
Amnesty International, originally published May 1995 and reprinted in AI INDEX, 3 July 1997. Many of the officers allegedly responsible have escaped prosecution, few, if any, have faced disciplinary sanctions, and none of the foreign or ethnic minority complainants have been compensated for the injuries they have suffered.
Foreigners still the main victims of continuing pattern of police ill-treatment
Amnesty International, AI INDEX, 3 July 1997. Further evidence of a worrying pattern of police ill-treatment where the main victims are foreigners—first identified by Amnesty International more than two years ago—is revealed in a new report published by the human rights organization today
October 3rd: Fire And Flames In Berlin
Arm and Spirit, 15 October 1997. Issue of West Germany's annexation of East Germany on 3 October 1990 continues to divide the German elite and left.
Elections In Germany Spark Debate
By Carl-Erik Isacsson, Militant, 25 May 1998. In state elections the substantial vote for the ultraright German People's Union (DVU) was a major topic of discussion. The fracturing of the main conservative parties and increased political polarization was clear.
German voters dump Kohl in turn to left
By Tim Wheeler, People's Weekly World, n.d. [1998]. Klaus Steiniger, a leader of the Berlin branch of the German Communist Party (DKP), told the World the crushing election defeat of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl is an historic victory and a chance to do something about Germany's unemployment crisis.