The culture history of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Gegen neonazistische Musikgruppen vorgehen
Bundestagsfraktion Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen, Pressemitteilung Nr. 0956/97, 11 November 1997. Der erneute erschreckende Anstieg rechtsextremer Straftaten und die Zunahme von Konzerten neonazistischer Musikgruppen verweist auf eine neue Entwicklung im Bereich des Rechtsextremismus.
100,000 fight back the neoliberal attack on education in Germany
By Andreas Hippin, 6 December 1997. Anke Brunnn, the social democrat secretary for education, is responsible for all the cutbacks in education in the state of Northrhine-Westphalia. Her party is as eager to streamline higher education according to the interests of the industry as the conservatives are.
Tens of thousands of students in Germany protest education Cuts
By Ernesto Oleinik, Militant, 15 December 1997. In the largest student demonstrations in Germany in nearly 30 years, protesting a lack of study materials, a new law shortening the time students are allowed to study, and the overfilled classrooms in which students sometimes outnumber professors 600 to one.
Soaring Nazi movement: The new lifestyle of hate
By Brenda Williams, Germany Alert special report, 12 November 1998. Right-wing extremism is on its way to becoming the norm. Without visible resistance, a type of counterculture is being created in which the ethical and humanistic values of democracy no longer have a place.
The Nazi siren's call
By Lionel Richard, Le Monde diplomatique, October 2002. Leni Riefenstahl's birthday was marked by the publication in Germany of books about her by two young authors, Lutz Kinkel and Jürgen Trimborn, who provide documentary evidence to refute the claim that she was apolitical and that her ambitions were purely artistic.
No chance to mourn its passing: Ostaglia for the GDR
By Peter Linden and Benjamin Wuttke, Le Monde diplomatique, August 2004. Germany is now in economic distress; the Socialist-Green coalition in power is selling off public assets and dismantling the social welfare system. Unemployment is high. No wonder the Easterners are nostalgic for their protected past.