The contemporary political history of the Republic of Iceland

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Icelandic State Prosecutor Says Child Killings Not Necessarily Illegal
By Elias Davidsson, 1 November 1996. The Icelandic State Prosecutor dismissed the claim that complicity in child killings necessarily constitutes a penal offense. Author's unsuccessful suit against the Icelandic government for its complicity in the killing, through the US-UN economic sanctions, of 200.000 Iraqi children.
Alert from Iceland
From Petur Hauksson, Gedhjalp Mental Health Alliance, 2 December 1998. The Icelandic government is rushing a bill through parliament that proposes a whole-population database of health information. We need your help to stop this violation of users' rights.
Iceland's shocking commitment to NWO tactics
By Thor Magnusson, Peace 2000 Institute, 30 November 2002. An announcement from the NATO meeting in Prague, that Iceland is no longer a by-stander in military actions and that an agreement has been made with two transport airlines, Icelandair and Atlanta, to use their passenger aircraft for transportation of NATO weapons and soldiers.
Government trying to isolate Peace 2000 from the world: Media Ban, Smear Campaign and Internet Shutdown
From Global Greens, 6 December 2002. A systematic campaign to discredit Peace 2000 and its President Thor Magnusson is taking place in the Icelandic media.