The economic history of the Republic of Iceland

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DaimlerChrysler, Shell join plan aiming to replace fossil fuels
By Miguel Llanos, MSNBC, 17 February 1999. Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, could also become the world's capital for a hydrogen economy if a new joint venture works, eventually replacing gasoline and diesel on all DaimlerChrysler cars, buses and fishing fleet with nonpolluting hydrogen.
The Icelandic Economy
═slandsbanki, n.d. A brief overview of the economy: economic history, energy, electricity, the fishing industry, manufacturing.
Icelandic glacier in rapid breakup
UPI, 22 October 2000. A British newspaper reported Sunday new research shows Europe's biggest glacier, the mighty Breidamerkurj÷kull in southern Iceland, is about to disintegrate.