The retrospective history of Éire (Ireland and occupied Ireland)

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The Great Hunger
By Meadbh Gallagher, An Phoblacht/Republican News, 7 September 1995. The Irish famine, An Gorta Mor, was unparalleled. No famine ever claimed such a high percentage of a country's population. The thinking which allowed it to happen. Poverty is never a natural disaster; impoverishment was the cause.
1916 remembered (Easter Rising)
By Jackie Dana (IRSCNA), 26 April 1999. During this rising, a small number of men and women took up arms against the British government. They had no electoral mandate, yet their actions would speak so eloquently for the generations that would follow, those who would honor and respect their efforts to achieve Irish independence.
A Call to Action: The 1916 Proclamation
An Phoblacht/Republican News, News and views of the Irish Republican movement, 19 April 1995. The 1916 Proclamation is a rousing statement of a nation's right to be free from foreign oppression and a radical call for equal rights and opportunities in a sovereign independent state.
Lessons Of The 1916 Easter Rebellion In Ireland
Militant, 22 April 1966. Introduction and excerpts from an article by Lenin on the Irish Easter Rebellion of 1916. Issue is whether wars of national liberation represent part of the proletarian revolutionary process or are petit-bourgeois distractions.
Have you Forgotten Bloody Sunday?
The Irish People, 18 January 1995. Bloody Sunday, resulting from a civil rights march in Derry on January 30, 1972 was a shoot-to-kill operation, a massacre, planned and executed with cold blooded intent.
Soldier's account fuels call for inquiry into Bloody Sunday
By William Pomeroy, People's Weekly World, 29 March 1997. A British paratrooper has described the British Army's actions in Derry, Northern Ireland 25 years ago—when British troops shot 27 unarmed civilians, killing 14—as shameful and disgraceful.
European Court of Human Rights Condemns Killings in Gibralter in 1988
Amnesty International, 28 September 1995. Amnesty International welcomes yesterday's landmark decision by the European Court of Human Rights that the UK violated the fundamental right to life when its agents killed three unarmed Irish Republican Army (IRA) members in 1988 in Gibraltar.
South Africa to expose how Britain armed loyalists
By Laura Friel, An Phoblacht/Republican News, news and views of Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican party, 21 December 1995. British collusion with loyalist death squads. Inquiry on covert arms shipments from Apartheid South Africa to loyalists in the Six Counties in the late 1980s.