The social history of Éire (Ireland and occupied Ireland)

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Travellers fighting back
By Patricia McCarthy, Red & Black Revolution, [13 November 1995]. Irish Travellers [Roma, Gypsies] are a very small minority group in Ireland, constituting less than 1% of the population. The population structure of the Traveller community resembles that of a third world country. Poor health status, compounded by racist policies and practices, and exclusion from mainstream society are the causes of this situation.
Clergy deplore widening poverty gap
By Andy Pollak, The Irish Times, 14 November 1995. THE Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) has said that the 1995 Budget and the Programme for Competitiveness and Work have resulted in a dramatic widening of the gap between poor people and the better-off in Irish society.
Homelessness—Prostitution Legalisation?
A-Infos News Service, Workers Solidarity, March 1999. The sex industry is expanding and is said to gross millions of pounds per annum. In 1993, the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act criminalised soliciting and kerbcrawling for the first time. Juvenile prostitution is directly linked to homelessness.
The Unemployed Workers' Group Ireland (Dublin and Wicklow)
By Seamas Carraher, 25 September 1999. The Unemployed Workers Group here is a small group of people linked through our areas into a struggling anti-poverty social movement. In keeping with neo-liberal practice world-wide, we have witnessed continued cuts in social expenditure.