The culture history of Éire (Ireland and occupied Ireland)

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Book Review: Hidden Ulster, Protestants and the Irish Language
By Tom Hartley, 9 November 1995. Like many aspects of life in the Six Counties, the Irish language has been made an area of dissent and division—by those who reject it. For many in the Protestant/unionist community, the Irish language is synonymous with Catholicism and nationalism/republicanism.
Church needs a centre to find itself
By Enda McDonagh, The Irish Times, [14 November 1995]. Church members will need a lot more space and time than a TV show could provide to tackle such problems as clerical sexual failure, let alone the more deep-seated problems of structure and faith. It is only gradually that the depth of such difficulties will be revealed.
Progressive Cinema
By Ron Sheldon, People's Weekly World, 26 October 1996. Michael Collins is a welcome addition to the collection of films depicting great revolutionary fighters for the cause of peace and justice.