The contemporary political history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Xenophobe right gains power in the Netherlands
By Bill Weinberg, with David Bloom and Sarah Robbins, Special Correspondents, World War 3 Report, 26 May 2002. On May 16 the Dutch people elected as the second-largest party in parliament a right-wing party that could only exist in the Netherlands-combining tolerance for lifestyles-its assassinated leader was gay-but not for immigrants.
Netherlands Government Collapses
By Anthony Deutsch, The Associated Press, Wednesday 16 October 2002. The Dutch government collapsed Wednesday after just 12 weeks in office, brought down by a power struggle in the anti-immigration party that has convulsed national politics since the assassination of its leader shortly before elections.
Unions respond to public sector cutbacks
EIRO Online, [6] October 2003. In its June 2003 coalition agreement, the Netherlands’ new government announced major spending cuts affecting government departments, which will result in public sector job losses and wage restraint. Trade unions representing civil servants are fiercely opposed to the plans