The social history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Struggle for ‘Sans Papiers’ and ‘Illegalised’ people Netherlands
A-Infos News Service, 2 March 1999. An appeal for help from the Nederland Bekent Kleur, a national platform against racism in the Netherlands. A struggle to legalize a group of ‘sans papiers’.
Liberal Netherlands grows less so on immigration
By Jennifer Ehrlich, The Christian Science Monitor, 19 December 2003. After a report projecting a majority nonnative population by 2017, Rotterdam voted this month to limit poor newcomers. Concerns that the growing immigrant population—which is mostly Muslim—will dominate.
Dutch are ‘polarised’ says report
BBC News, 21 January 2004. The Netherlands' example as a successful, tolerant, multi-cultural community has taken a dent with the publication of a parliamentary report saying Dutch society is becoming increasingly polarised, with huge ethnic ghettos and subcultures tearing the country apart.