The contemporary political history of the Kingdom of Norway

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An Astonishingly Bad Idea
By Mary Haour-Knipe, 23 August 1996. Health department authorities have decided to stress a risk of HIV transmission between Norwegian heterosexuals and African immigrants in the country. Stressing this link is an astonishingly bad idea. Xenophobia.
King apologized to Samis
Victoria Times-Colonist, 8 October 1997. King Harald V publicly apologized to the Sami people (once called Lapps) for the repression they suffered under Norwegian rule. In recent decades, that policy has been replaced by a program of nurturing the Sami culture.
Norway Proposes Partial Statoil Sale
By Doug Mellgren, Associated Press, Thursday 14 December 2000. The government proposed a plan to reduce the state's stake in oil fields and privatize as much as 25 percent of the state-owned oil company Statoil ASA.
Norway poll sparks power struggle
BBC News, Tuesday 11 September 2001. Norway's Labour Party has suffered its worst election result since 1924, after an election campaign dominated by anger at high taxes. Weeks of horse-trading are now thought likely to lie ahead, as three parties try to form a government.
Norway's formula for a happy life
By Lars Bevanger, BBC News, 9 September 2005. The UN has ranked Norway as the most prosperous country in the world, but there is a downside. Why is the governing conservative party trailing in the opinion polls a few days ahead of the general election, when everything is going so well? Oil wealth only goes so far to explain why this country keeps coming out top of the United Nations' ranking. The welfare state ensuring social equality is another.