The economic history of the Kingdom of Norway

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Statoil slammed for link to U.S. union-buster
ICEM Update, 28 September 1998. Norwegian oilworkers' leader Lars Myhre has strongly criticised energy multinational Statoil for its links with America's anti-union Crown Central Petroleum. Crown, which has kept 252 unionised American workers locked out for 32 months, recently signed a contract to refine Statoil's North Sea crude for the American market.
Norwegians wreak most havoc on the ecology
By Charles Clover, The Electronic Telegraph, Friday 2 October 1998. Norwegians are the most environmentally destructive people on Earth, says a report by the World Wide Fund for Nature. They place four times as much pressure on the environment as the average global citizen, the reason being her consumption of marine fish.
Restructuring and job cuts at Hydro aluminium plants
The Norway Post, 8 May 2004. Annual operating costs will be reduced to remain competitive in the world market, with production remaining at the present level. Employees agree on the need for restructuring, but not on the workforce cuts. Hydro is one of the three leading aluminium companies in the world.