The social history of the Kingdom of Norway

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Norway's African community united in anger
Migrants against AIDS, Issue 4, August 1996. A press conference held in early July by Norwegian authorities warned the white population that Africans are potential HIV carriers. Africans have been blamed for too many things.
Norway Pays a Price for Family Values
By T. R. Reid, Washington Post, Sunday 1 November 1998. Norway treats the monthly payment to parents staying at home to raise a child as a salary. It is designed to encourage working parents to leave the job for a while and raise their children. The government takes pride in statistics showing that the number of recipients has been growing rapidly.
Unemployment figures ‘tragic’
Aftenposten, 04 September 2003. Unemployment figures for August revealed the highest numbers out of work since 1996. Labor Party leader Jens Stoltenberg called the statistics tragic, and laid the blame squarely on the current government.