The contemporary political history of the Swiss Confederation

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Political repression in Switzerland
National Alliance of Peoples' Movements, [7 October 1998]. The police raided homes in Geneva and took six people into custody; one was escorted to the airport; one was held for eight hours. They were all questioned regarding Peoples' Global Action (PGA) and its role in riots in May and in preventing these riots.
Sharp turn to the right in Swiss elections
By Marianne Arens, World Socialist Web Site, 4 November 1999. In the elections to the Swiss federal parliament at the end of October, the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) rose to become the strongest single party. Assessment by the Fourth International (Trotskyite). Appended is a discussion of this article.
In the face of a growing tide of the right, Switzerland tries to turn its back on the world
By Hugo Alonso, Prensa Latina, 13 May 2000. One hundred thousand Swiss have just signed its call on a referendum concerning the adhesion of the Alpine republic to the UN, 14 years after a similar motion was rejected by 76 percent of the voters.
Swiss say ‘no’ to EU
BBC News Online, Monday 5 March 2001. Swiss voters have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal for immediate membership talks with the European Union. An unexpectedly high percentage of the electorate, nearly 77%, voted against the initiative.