The economic history of the Swiss Confederation

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Souls of discretion
By Eduardo Galeano, [15 October 1998]. It was during World War Two that Switzerland became the planet's great financial power. It sold its services—at a very good price—to Nazi Germany. These days Switzerland is the most important laundering and recycling centre for narco-dollars and the safest refuge for the loot procured by dictators, thieving politicians and tax-evasion jugglers.
Swisscom to cut 1,050 jobs
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 15 January 2003. Switzerland's leading telecommunications operator, Swisscom, is to cut 1,050 jobs in 2003 in an effort to remain competitive.
Myanmar products
Swiss Politics, 25 August 2003. The leading Swiss retailer, Migros, has stopped imports from Myanmar because of a dispute over working conditions there. (bief)