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Subject: Proclamation Socialist Party of Serbia
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Proclamation of the Socialist Party of Serbia

The Socialist Party of Serbia, Belgrade, 29 June 2001


Citizens of Serbia are embittered by the treason committed by the DOS regime headed by the Djindjic. Long time President of the Republic of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, founder and Chairman of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic was abducted and surrendered into the hands of NATO war criminals. Such a shameful act of capitulation and selling of national sovereignty has no precedent in the history of civilisation. Utmost responsibility for the unforeseen consequences (of this act) is borne by the Serbian Prime Minster Zoran Djindjic and the President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Vojislav Kostunica.

By his decree, Zoran Djindjic abolished the constitutional system, took all the power into his (own) hands and thus committed coup d' etat. That is something he ought to bear responsibility for.

It is known to the public that DOS group of ministers in the Federal Government, lead by Miroljub Labus passed on June 23rd 2001 Decree on extradition of our citizens to the Hague. That was a clear violation of the Constitution of Yugoslavia and Serbia respectively, both explicitly banning extradition of citizens. Such a decree was passed without agreement and knowledge of the members of the Federal Cabinet from the coalition partners from Montenegro. Group of DOS ministers abused their office and usurped the authority of the Federal Government, thus mocking the Constitution. That is something they ought to bear responsibility for.

Federal Constitutional Court on 28th of June passed decision suspending implementation of the mentioned DOS Decree. Same day, on the St. Vid's Day, Zoran Djindjic proclaimed his Decree by which decision of the Federal Constitutional Court is directly breached, something never recorded in democratic states, and constitutional order put out of force and his dictatorship introduced.

Citizens of Serbia condemn and do not accept Djindjic's dictatorship. They decisively request Djindjic's responsibility for his keen, premeditated actions in destruction of constitutional system of the country and for inflicting unforeseen damage to the state and the people.

They also request responsibility of Vojislav Kostunica for not executing his constitutional and political responsibilities and for being accomplice in the shameful surrender of the national sovereignty. Serb people refuses to bear any consequences of the treason of the country.

Citizens of Serbia and Yugoslavia, we are at a historical turning point—either we shall preserve our state and dignity or dictators shall surrender us to those who put on the mask of merciful angel in order to destroy inside us everything we build through centuries, even the very motive of existence and creation. Workers, peasants, social misery and making your painstaking work worthless are both direct consequence of the policy of the treacherous regime currently in power.

Would you allow that to continue?

Youth and students, does your education and future depends on you and your parented or on the wheelers and dealers that are trampling over Constitution and selling off the state in order to preserve their personal power and to promote foreign interests.

Intellectuals, subservient DOS authorities and their servility towards foreign tutors inflicted indelible stain over heroic and freedom-loving traditions of our long history. It is also your responsibility not to leave such a infamy as a heritage to the future generations of Serb and Montenegrin people.

Citizens, Yugoslavia as common home of Serbia and Montenegro makes today much more sense then ever before in history. It is expression of the will of the people and their understanding of own interests as well as of the interests of the peace at the Balkans and in the Europe. Yugoslavia is not needed only by these who would divide in order to rule, who incite hatred, terrorism's and separatism's to trample over International Law and to impose low of force, instead applying force of law.

Socialist Party of Serbia, together with all the other democratic and patriotic political forces in the country requests that people's will is given a chance, by democratic means, to wash out the stain and national shame represented by the Zoran Djindjic's dictatorship. We request immediate resignation of the Djindjic's Government, urgent formation of the Government of national salvation and setting of the date for early elections at all levels.

We urge all the citizens to take active part in people's rallies and other forms of protest, that are aiming at bringing back Serbia and Yugoslavia to the family of honourable and cultural European nations. People's bitterness and resistance would not stop until achieving these goals.

Head Committee of the
Socialist Party of Serbia