ICFTU Expresses Solidarity with Croatian Union Protest

ICFTU OnLine, 019/980127/DD, 28 January 1998

Brussels. January 28 1998 (ICFTU OnLine): The ICFTU is lending its support to the protest on January 29, organised by the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia, against the disastrous decisions taken by the Croatian Government and Parliament.

We give our full support to this protest, said Bill Jordan, ICFTU General Secretary, because we realise the terrible circumstances facing the Croatian people who are working to rebuild their country, and we support the democratic right of all trade unionists to demonstrate for their human and trade union rights.

The UATUC protest which is taking place tomorrow (January 29) morning, in front of the Workers' House in Zagreb, will bring together 3000 shop stewards from all over the country. The UATUC is designating its protest as an Unmasking, since it intends to expose those who are responsible for the country's current social and economic situation.

As a result of the economic stabilisation measures adopted in 1993, workers have seen a steady plunge in living standards, due to a freeze on all incomes. In particular the UATUC is protesting about the government's broken promises in relation to:

The UATUC, an ICFTU affiliate, and the biggest trade union confederation in Croatia, is calling for worldwide trade union support for its protest. The Croatian government has a recent history of attempting to ban all strikes, and protests. According to the most recent ICFTU report, last year the government brought in strike breakers, and sacked or threatened to sack members of union strike committees. In addition individual trade unionists have been faced with intimidation or have been sacked for their activities.

Those who wish to send a message of support should send it to: UATUC, Fax number: 385 1 46 55 011; 46 55 053.