Today in Italy

Special service by AGI on behalf of the Italian Prime Minister's office, Tuesday 11 February 2003, h.18.22

Pezzota, unions in no position to unite

AGI, 081443 FEB 03

(AGI)—Bologna, Italy, Feb. 8—This is not a trial run toward union unity, just a meeting on changing labor. Savino Pezzotta, Cisl national secretary stated: “I don’t believe there are conditions in place today that would support union solidarity. We all take the matter quite seriously. The conditions are not there—he continued—someone decided to stage a strike on their own and we decided to do something else”. Pezzotta will participate in a meeting organized by the left democrats in Bologna tomorrow to present the national dossier on “changing labor” together with Cgil and Uil secretaries. He concluded saying” “We will discuss this matter, then only time will tell”.

Angeletti discusses obstacles to union solidarity

AGI 081443 FEB 03

(AGI)—Bologna, Italy, Feb. 8—“It doesn’t seem to me that there are conditions today that would make this a short term perspective”, said Uil general secretary Luigi Angeletti as he arrived in Bologna for a meeting organized by the left democratic party in Bologna tomorrow for the presentation of a national dossier on “changing labor”. This will be the first occasion in over a year that will bring the three unions together to discuss labor issues. When asked if the article 18 referendum is the issue dividing unions, Angeletti answered: “No, I believe there are many other things that separate us. I don’t know about article 18, but I think it may be the least relevant issue”. When asked if the Italy pact is making progress, Angeletti answered: “Certainly”.