Pezzotta and Angeletti, object of attacks

Special service by AGI on behalf of the Italian Prime Minister's office, AGI, 111553 OTT 03, Sunday 12 October 2003, h.13.32

(AGI)—Florence, Oct 11—“I think that the trade unions are the object of terrorist attacks: I would like people to reflect on this” said the secretary of the CISL labour union, Savino Pezzotta, from the sidelines of his organisation's general assembly being held in Florence. He was answering a question about the position of his colleague Angeletti, who had said that he could not exclude that “the new Red Brigades may have infiltrated the internal ranks of the unions.” “We are always the object of attacks, wherever we are and whatever we are doing” he said. “People have died and our headquarters have been attacked and set alight. I would like people to reason in this way and not in any other.”