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Project: Resistance

From The Resistance Movement, 20 November 1998

Belgrade University (BU) students and professors in the first phase. And in the near future, a large number of Serbian citizens whose common interest is to resist the repressive behavior imposed by the Slobodan Milosevic regime in all the segments of the society, especially in the area of academic freedom, freedom of thought and speech (independent media) as well as human and citizen rights (general political liberalization of society).


Spreading the idea of citizen resistance against the Serbian regime in all segments of society.


Most commonly accepted forms of citizen resistance— non-violent actions with a clear message (like the recent action “Say No to fascism in Serbia”, organized on the Nikola Pasic Square on the same day as the World Day for fighting against fascism). Distribution of printed material (newsletter Resistance leaflets, posters) in order to increase the student level of information at BU to overcome the current media blockade. Organization of public protest meetings and lectures held by world-renowned professors, who have been prohibited from regular teaching by the repressive regime. Other media (jingles and video material) and direct confrontation (public gatherings, protest walks, obvious instruction through activities against the regime. Activities that would increase the level of citizen participation in this resistance using the alternative media (distribution of electrical resisters on the street, graffiti, etc.)

DYNAMICS (Schedule):

In this phase Resistance” is operating on 4 large BU faculties: Electro-technical, Law, Languages and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Due to the fast expansion of the project, it is impossible to give a detailed account of future plans, except to note that “Resistance” has also started operating at the Faculty of Philosophy (with the jail walk activity on November 11). We expect that other faculties will organize similar activities as soon as next week.


Student newspaper “Buka”, Belgrade, Crnogorska Street 4,
tel/fax: 620-881 (Vukasin),
contacts: Slobodan Homen (063-221-701), Milos Todorovis
(063-266-734), Andreja Stamenkovis (063-221-701), Rastko Sejis
(063-251-833), Aleksa Grgurevis (3232-635).
E-mail: buka@sezampro.yu,

Ed Agro, Peacenet Balkans Desk (