The Destruction of the Nation of Yugoslavia

By Frank Trampus, Northstar Compass, September 2004

The Year of 1991 will be remembered as the saddest in the hearts and minds of the Yugoslav people for generations to come. The destruction of a nation is one of the biggest betrayals by the leaders of the Republics and the leaders of the Federal Government. In order to understand what was the reason which lead to this tragedy we have to look analytically into the leadership of the Communist Party itself. Revisionism which took place in the late forties and early fifties has lead to the destruction of the planed economical development. The country drifted slowly into the “socialist market economy”—a red capitalist market economy with creditors like the World Bank and the World Monetary Fund. Now the creditors start to dictate little by little their priority economic development, though not for the benefit of Yugoslav people, but for the benefit of the world imperialist powers and the inevitable destruction of the socialist society and contra revolution.

A relatively short time after the Second World War, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, the country has rebuild from war destruction and took on rapid development of the heavy industry, schools, medical facility, institutions of higher education, research centres etc. Rapid revolutionary structures of the society were enforced, like nationalization of the means of production, land reforms, collective farms and the declaration of the dictatorship of the proletariat with planed economic development. One political party, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, became a political force or better said “vanguard of the working class”. Tragic events of 1948 did irreparable damage to the Party. The Party was purged of many dedicated communists as many of them were put in prisons for long periods of time for ideological reasons. Now the door was wide open for new inflows into the Party by many not ideologically dedicated communists, but opportunists, different nationalists and even contra revolutionaries. At the Sixth Party Congress in1952 the name of the party was altered to “Communist League of Yugoslavia” (ZKJ). This division from the masses led even further away from the revolutionary theory of Marxism — Leninism. Ideological education of its members was neglected, small private enterprises encouraged, participation with the world communist movement ignored, thus the “Communist League (ZKJ)” became a privileged class. A “military defence pact” was signed with the military dictatorship of Greece and Turkey against the neighbouring socialist countries of Eastern Europe. The constitutional amendments in 1967 reduced the power of the federal government, but increased the power of the republics and autonomous regions. Federal controls over internal security and investment were severely weakened. After Tito's death, deterioration and nationalist division of the Country were faster and faster approaching toward an abyss to its final destruction by 1991. People were misled and for instance the Republic of Slovenia voted in the high 90's in the referendum for independence. The people were never told the truths that the socialist infrastructure will be destroyed with the wild privatization of the industry, national resources, health care and education and the returning of nationalised land back to the thieves of the Catholic Church etc. Citizens did not have the opportunity to decide in a referendum against the unlawful criminal privatization. The directors and the Party secretaries of the publicly owned enterprises, all members of the ZKJ, suddenly become millionaire—owners overnight as the new bourgeoisie capitalist class. The Secretary General of the League of Communist in Slovenia (ZKS) and his close associates are the responsible Quislings, who never told the people the truth. They were the leading “contra revolutionaries”, who through unlawful robbery enriched themselves and maintain political power in a newly created “independent free state of Slovenia”. Now they are happily working as stooges for the interest of the multinational corporations of the world's imperialist powers. Who could, with a little honesty in the heart, justify the criminal thievery of the millennium? Where is the world court? Where are the justices- lies, lies and more lies? All the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe are in the same shameful tragic situations, led by the contra revolutionary thieves, who work for the interest of world imperialism. De-industrialization, physical destruction of modern industrial enterprises and research centres, and wild privatisation of its natural resources have enslaved the people — mostly Slavic people of Eastern Europe and make them absolutely fully dependent on imports from the developed west. The new world order is the new introduction to slavery.

My latest visit to Eastern Europe assures me overwhelmingly that people have become very dissatisfied with the capitalist dictatorship under the phony name of “democracy”. No matter where I spoke with people; in Ljubljana — Slovenia, Istra — Croatia, Belgrade — Serbia or Kremnica — Slovak Republic, the majority remembered how good life was under socialism. It was true democracy for the majority of the population. People had a relaxed life without worrying about jobs, education, health and in general the social needs of the nation. Now they are unhappy, depressed, and ashamed and feel like fools, because they believed the lies and the propaganda of the contra revolution. Many do now regret, that they did not believe what I told them years ago. Nostalgic support for socialism is very strong, but the people are full of antipathy, distrusts and disappointment. They do not trust the “communists” and see them as traitors, a counterrevolutionary lumpen proletariat. No wonder, for many former high officials became newly rich in business and others in leading positions in the bourgeois parties and its government. Even though Communist Parties exist in all the above mention countries, they did not succeed to rid themselves of revisionists' tendencies in order to enable them to create a strong unity in one strong united party. A Party with revolutionary Marxist-Leninist ideology has to be committed to explain to the masses why the socialist systems collapsed. After thirteen years not one of these parties has been able to explain to the masses in a critical analyses what led to the revisionist infiltration of the leadership of the Communist Parties after 1953. In some of the countries, revisionists were in the leading position even before that time, as is the case of Yugoslavia. People have to know the difference between Party policy, not just the name “Communist Party “or “League of Communist”. The names are important only if they are supported with the revolutionary Party policy of working class ideology and the dictatorship of the proletariat. But, if the Party caries the name “Communist Party”, and its policy is revisionist it will create division and apathy and will lose the support and respect of the working class.

I have met with the leaders of the Communists Party of Slovenia (KPS), who are very dedicated Marxist-Leninist and who are working hard to establish good relations with the other Parties of the former republics of Yugoslavia. Through them, I was able to connect and meet with members of the Communist Party of Serbia “Komunisti Jugoslavije”in Belgrade and we had several fruitful discussions. A conference, which brought together Communist Parties from other Yugoslav territories (now independent, divided countries), was held last year on November 28 and 29 in Ljubljana Slovenia. Attendants were the Communists Parties of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. All participants agreed that there is a need to improve contacts and working relations with the Communist and Workers parties of Croatia, Monte Negro and Macedonia. They united under the principles of the AVNOJ (a basic and fundamental constitutional document of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ) which does not recognise the unlawful, criminal destruction of the State and under those principles does not recognise the creation of many small police states on the territory of the legitimate, lawful state of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ).

I have read many documents, statements and the official monthly publication “Zvezda” with an excellent program of the Communist Party of Slovenia, but to my surprise there is not enough, or hardly any criticism of the revisionist Communist League of Yugoslavia and its highest officials, including Tito. The Country did not collapse by itself, why avoid the historical truth? Where are those high officials and leaders of Yugoslavia today? Those traitors, liars, chameleons are in the leading positions in business and in the top robbery positions of these newly created unlawful Countries.