Biber: 2003 will be rememered for strikes

FENA, 29 December 2003

SARAJEVO, December 29 (FENA) — The year 2003 in BiH will be remembered as a year of strikes and work halts, and there have been more than 350 in the entire country in this year, said today at press conference the President of BiH Trade Union Association, Edhem Biber.

The next year, he stressed, will not be easy at all, considering that the upcoming reduction of administration, army and employees in the energy sector.

The passing year, will be especially remembered by the request of the BiH Trade Union Association for passing the laws on auditing of privatisation and settling the intern debt, as well as on launching the FBiH Economic-Social Council.

In the next year the BiH Trade Union Association will, as he said, attempt to become a specialised institutions that will mediate in regulating of relations between the market of labour and capital.

“We are not satisfied with relations towards the association and we must create a better climate with the authorities so that we should not be forced to conduct social dialogue in the streets”, said Biber.