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Subject: ICFTU on-line: new ICFTU report on Slovenia
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ICFTU releases new report on Slovenia

ICFTU OnLine…, 098/140502/JL, 14 May 2002

Brussels, 14 May 2002 (ICFTU OnLine): To coincide with the 13–15 May WTO trade policy review of the country, the ICFTU has released a report on the respect of core labour standards in Slovenia.

Having ratified and “generally respected” all eight of the ILO core conventions, the new report reveals that Slovenia should be among the front runners of the European accession countries. “With collective bargaining and freedom of association generally protected, Slovenia is a good example of the contribution trade unions can make to social stability and economic growth. In respect for workers' rights and in terms of general economic health, Slovenia is streets ahead of some other accession countries more favoured by the European Union,” explains ICFTU economist Collin Harker.

However, the report also reveals that Slovenia continues to suffer from gender pay discrimination and the scourge of trafficking women for the purposes of prostitution, both of which are widespread elsewhere in Eastern and even Western Europe. With hundreds of women trafficked through Slovenia last year, the report calls on their government to “take measures” to bring an end to this practice.

The report is produced as part of a continuous series as and when the WTO General Council reviews take place. The full list of reviews, including those of countries where flagrant violations take place can be found on the ICFTU web-site at

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