The economic struggle of the working class in Spain

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Miners' strike hits EU
Workers World, 15 January 1998. Coal miners in Spain's state-owned mines are waging a series of strikes to protest layoff plans. Unions charge that nearly 3,000 workers will be laid off if the Spanish government follows the dictates of the European Union.
Philips “flexibility” refused by workers
By Juan Montero, International Viewpoint, 20 September 1998. Militant trade union struggle in Barcelona has blocked the latest attempt to “flexibilise” Spain's working conditions. Rather than being marginalised, radical left currents in the labour movement have been strengthened.
Daewoo workers in Spain, 2 months on strike
From La Red Obrera, 28 September 1999. Daewoo workers have been out on strike since July 19, 1999 in a bitter struggle against casualisation and for decent wages and conditions. This is quite an important dispute in Spain where a third of all jobs are now on casual basis.
Update on Delphi Packard Spain
IMF News17 February 2000. Following a week of meetings and intense discussion regarding Delphi Packard's decision to restructure its operations in Spain and transfer production to Morocco and Poland, the one-week strike planned by FM/CC.OO. and UGT Metal, to begin on February 14, was called off.