The political struggle of the working class in Spain

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Spanish trade unions call for strike ahead of the European summit in Seville
Agence Frence presse, Thursday 23 May 2002. Spain's main labor unions on Thursday called a general strike to protest proposed unemployment benefit reforms for June 20, a day before Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is to preside over a European summit in Seville.
More than enough reasons! General strike!
Confederación General del Trabajo, 22 June 2002. The Reform of Unemployment Protection and the Employment Law imposed by the government means yet another attack on the working class in general and in particular on the most disadvantaged social groups: the unemployed and those with unstable employment. With this reform the PP, the conservative party, is taking giant steps towards making the job market even more precarious.
United to face challenges
By Iban Ocio & Aitziber Laskibar, Berria, 21 February 2004. The ELA and LAB trade unions warned that the Basque Country was “in need of a national strategy in favour of self-determination”, and they, too, would be fighting together from that moment onwards, because unity gave them “greater strength”
Thousands protest as Spanish shipyard tension spreads
Agence France presse, 27 September 2004. Tens of thousands of Spanish shipyard workers demonstrated at this northwestern port to demand action to save yards threatened with bankruptcy. Union leaders are spearheading a campaign to shelve a plan to introduce some private finance into the yards and cut back a workforce of 10,700.