The history of immigrants in Spain

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Attacks Ignite Protests Against Racism
By Alicia Fraerman, InterPress Service, 28 July 1999. Racist attacks and protests against immigrant workers over recent weeks set off massive anti-racism demonstrations throughout Spain, Tuesday. Public protests forced authorities to relocate the families to emergency housing in tents, but officials continue proceedings to deport more than half of the Rumanians.
“Street children” have rights too
News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, 16 August 2001. In the run-up to the Third World Conference against Racism, Amnesty International called today for the full protection of the rights of undocumented foreign children found on Spanish territory in the North African Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.
Immigrants Flood Prosperous Spain
By Jerome Socolovsky, Associated Press, 22 August 2001. These days illegal immigrants are swamping Spain's shores like never before, crossing perilous waters in rickety boats despite a tough new immigration law that has triggered police crackdowns and an outburst of anti-immigrant sentiment.
African migrants dumped on Spain's streets
By Elizabeth Nash, The Independent, 31 January 2006. The Canary Islands are now the EU's most important entry point for illegal immigrants from Africa, far outstripping the Straits of Gibraltar as the preferred clandestine route to Europe. Planes chartered by Spain's interior ministry leave the islands nearly every day carrying dozens of would-be immigrants who are left to fend for themselves in Murcia, Valencia and Madrid.