The history of the Italian General Labor Confederation (GCIL)

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Italy's left government steps back from the brink
By David Bacon, 8 December 1996. Governments across the continent are bent on cutting the extensive network of social benefits workers have won since World War Two. Workers and unions resist.
Head of Italy's largest union to resign, rejoin Pirelli
Associated Press, Hoover's Online, 9 June 2002. The head of Italy's largest union and a man touted as a possible leader in the center-left opposition is leaving his post at the CGIL union. Sergio Cofferati, whose eight-year term at CGIL is expiring, will be joining the Pirelli tiremaker, where he previously worked.
Union officials push for one-day general strike in Italy in coming months
Associated Press, Tuesday 11 June 2002. Leaders of a Communist-backed Italian labor confederation on Tuesday pushed for another general strike in the coming months to protest the government's plans to rein in some workers' rights.