The social history of the Italian Republic

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The labour world against child labour
ICFTU Online…, 16 April 1997. Italian workers have contributed nearly 2 million dollars to support projects aimed at combating child labour in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.
Announcement of Publication
European Roma Rights Center Country Report, 3 November 2000. Campland: Racial Segregation of Roma in Italy. The European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) announces publication of the Country Report Campland: Racial Segregation of Roma in Italy.
More than 400,000 children illegally employed in Italy
Agence France-Presse, Child Labour News Service, 15 November 2000. More than 400,000 children between the ages of 11 and 14 work in coffee shops and construction sites among other places in Italy despite laws stating they should be in school.
Anti-Islamic books' success fuel fears of racism in Italy
By Sophie Arie, The Guardian (UK), Saturday 7 August 2004. Human rights groups warned yesterday that racism was becoming increasingly tolerated in Italy after the country's biggest-selling newspaper published a book by a veteran journalist which warns of an Arab invasion of Europe.