The IT, media, and telecommunications of the Italian Republic

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Material forwarded by A-Infos News Service on 29 June 1998. the server of Islands in the Net (the Italian no-profit association that offers communication spaces to social centres, free radios and collectives of the movement) has been seized by the Postal Police of Bologna.
Freedom Press web site seized
30 June 1998. Weekend raid on ecn server, Italy. Police in Bologna raided the premises of the European Counter-Information Network, seizing their computer which was hosting internet material for Freedom Press.
EFJ Welcomes European Parliament Rebuke for Berlusconi and Strong Call for Media Pluralism
International Federation of Journalists, 22 April 2004. The European Federation of Journalists today warmly welcomed the European Parliament decision to adopt a hard-hitting report on the press freedom crisis in Europe and Italy in particular.