The contemporary political history of the Balkans as a whole

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Save the Blue Danube
By Béla Liptßk, 27 December 1997. In September, 1997, the International Court of Justive (ICJ) in the Hague has made an indecisive ruling concerning the first international environmental lawsuit before it. It ruled that it was illegal for Slovakia to reroute the Danube.
Montenegrin trade union conference proposes international mediator to set peace in the Balkans as basis for economic recovery
ICFTU Online..., 30 April 1998. Trade Unionists at a Conference dealing with Reform Process in Montenegro which looked at restructuring the economy, privatisation and methods of dealing with poverty, stressed that peace in the region is vital for their country's economic revival. The reform process which Montenegro has embarked on would be destroyed by conflicts in neighbouring areas.
EU plans trade routes across the continent
By Jean-Arnault Derens, Le Monde diplomatique, November 2002. The Pan-European Corridor Vc is planned to run from Budapest across Bosnia-Herzegovina and on to the Croatian port of Ploce. It is supposed to promote trade flows between regions that were at war only a few years ago. But only incurable optimists believe it could help to heal divisions, and few people seriously consider that it will contribute to economic development.