The social history of the Balkans as a whole

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Southern Discomfort
Majorities despise minorities, and the hatred is often mutual. By Panayote Elias Dimitras, War Report, January/February 1997. Statistical data on feelings among ethnic groups in the Balkans.
War in The Balkans—Another 30,000 join the exodus
By Richard Lloyd Parry at Blace, The Independent (London), 16 April 1999. Large numbers of homeless Kosovars—as many as 30,000—were moving towards the border with Macedonia yesterday trying to escape the misery of Serbian ethnic cleansers, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
Western officials ‘colluding with people traffickers’
By Rory Carroll, Rome, The Guardian, 23 July 2002. Some western officials are undermining the fight against human trafficking by becoming cronies of Balkan pimps and having sex with the prostitutes they are supposed to rescue.
Winners and losers among the minority groups in former Yugoslavia
By Jean-Arnault Dérens, Le Monde diplomatique, August 2003. The biggest losers have been those ‘minorities‘ who were never directly part of the main conflicts of identity, but were often forced to choose sides.