The contemporary political history of Euskal Herrķa (Basque Country)

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Spain Accused Of Anti-Rebel ‘Operation Mengele’
Reuter, 17 September 1996. An accusation that military intelligence had kidnapped vagrants as guinea-pigs for testing anti-guerrilla drugs took allegations about Spain's “dirty war” against Basque rebels to a new low.
Death Squad Trial Revelations Threaten Government Stability
By Rick Hurley, via, 20 September 1997. Cloaked in secrecy, with an alleged unwritten government mandate, a group of police and government officials in Spain carried out as many as 27 assassinations and assaults in the early 1980s.
Madrid Begins Show Trial Of 23 Basque Fighters
By Brian Taylor, Militant, 27 October 1997. Trial of 23 central leaders of the Basque independence organization Herri Batasuna (Popular Unity Party) began October 13.
Basque Protest
By Monica Somocurcio, Workers World, 30 October 1997. Mass rally to protest trial of 23 Basque nationalist leaders for pro-independence activities.
Spain's Dirty War against the Basques
By Monica Somocurcio, Workers World, 30 October 1997. Interview with the Association of Relatives of Basque Political Prisoners, Refugees and Deportees (Senideak). The conditions facing Basque detainees in Spanish prisons.
Basque Separatists In Spain End ‘Prison Campaign’
From Arm the Spirit, 1 December 1997. The ‘Prison Campaign’ included the assassination of Spanish officials, but the killing of Miguel Angel Blanco in July only resulted in mass protest by Spanish people. ETA now makes a conciliatory gesture by ending its Prison Campaign.
Madrid Jails 23 Leaders Of Basque Independence Struggle
By Megan Arney, Militant, 15 December 1997. On 1 December, the entire leadership of the Herri Batasuna (Popular Unity), the Basque pro-independence political party sentenced to seven years for collaboration with ETA (Basque Homeland and Liberty).
Demand freedom & democracy for Basques
By Shelley Ettinger, Workers World, 20 December 1997. December 10 was an international day of solidarity with the people of Euskal Herria. Protest of application of fascist Franco Penal Code to arrest the 23 national separatists.
Updated Report On Truce By ETA
Euskal Herria Journal, 18 September 1998. The Basque resistance organization Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA, Basque Homeland and Freedom) announced an open-ended ceasefire. The ETA communique says it would not give up its arms and retained the right to retaliate against any aggression.
ETA Ends Cease-Fire, Splitting Basque Front
By Tito Drago, InterPress Service, 29 November 1999. The unilateral cease-fire, in effect since September 16, 1998, will come to an end this Thursday. ETA blames the Spanish government for continued repression against its members and blames the moderate Basque nationalist movement for not complying with elections for a constitutional and sovereign parliament in Euskal Herrķa.